EMC Studio Of Fine Arts

75 Armour Place

Dumont, NJ 07628

+1 201-694-9473


Piano Lessons

at EMC

Piano lessons at EMC Studio of Fine Arts help students to:

  • Perform better in school,

  • Think more creatively,

  • Increase concentration,

  • Grow confidence and,

  • Build Self-esteem.

“Art, music and drama offer students the ability to express themselves in new ways; it’s a constructive way to release emotions and express ideas. It gives kids the opportunity to be creative and learn things like empathy.”


Owner and Music Instructor

Erin Calev

Piano 30m Lesson
30 min
4 weeks for $180

Taught 1 on 1 with our founder  Erin.

The piano is the foundation of EMC.

Your Instructors

Piano 45m Lesson
45 min
4 weeks for $240
Piano 60m Lesson
1 hr
4 weeks for $300