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EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers music lessons, art classes and drama classes for children, teens, and adults in Dumont and Bergen County New Jersey. CALL US NOW!

Plan your 
next party 
at EMC

Are you looking for the perfect venue to host kids’ birthday parties, Girl Scout events, or fundraisers for charities or schools? EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers fun music, drama and art parties and events that are sure to delight children of all ages.

Birthday Parties
at EMC

EMC Studio Of Fine Arts offers children’s birthday parties with a number of themes including painting parties, character parties, kids’ music parties and more!
Call 551-210-3054 to book your party today!

Events & Programs


We are proud to
announce that we host parties!
Whether a birthday party,
a girls night, or an art party,
EMCstudio can host your party!
Work with us to let us know exactly
what it is that you want and EMCstudio
will help you deliver a fun artistic
experience for your
party guests.

EMCstudio has

created a Girl Scout Badge Program
so that girls of all ages can achieve
artistic badges from professionals.

The artistic programs include theatre, music, painting, and more! Whether your child is a Daisy or a Senior, they
will be immersed in a program that will
not only fill the requirements of obtaining
a badge, but they will walk away with a
new skill and new confidence in
themselves. We strive to help these
young women grow.

Unwind and enjoy a remarkable night with your friends! Here at EMC we offer Group Paint Nite Parties Fridays and Saturdays. Call 551-210-3054 to book your group today!
*We currently take a minimum group of 5

Paint Parties
at EMC