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EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers music lessons, art classes and drama classes for children, teens, and adults in Dumont and Bergen County New Jersey. CALL US NOW!

Erin Calev has been teaching piano and voice lessons in the greater Dumont, NJ area for over 20 years and values the personal growth of each and every student at EMC Studio of Fine Arts. Erin studied voice under Annelise Von Georken at Adelphi University and was mentored by Marie Niland Fitzgerald of Dumont, NJ. She believes in giving customized music lessons for children, teens and adults, and that when the instruction is also therapeutic that’s the best way for people to learn music.

Piano/ Voice Instructor

Erin Marie Calev

Christine E. Dow is thrilled to be teaching children’s improvisation and acting classes and theater programs for teens at EMC Studio of Fine Arts. She holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Arts from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She loves to help young artists explore their talents and expand their minds.

Acting/Improv Instructor

Christine Dow

Nolan Hennelly teaches acting classes for children, teens and adults at EMC Studio of Fine Arts. Nolan is an experienced actor and director who is originally from Dumont, NJ. Nolan loves teaching acting for singers where students build skills including how to dramatize deep meanings in even the simplest song lyrics. He also loves to help acting students easily break down and analyze complicated lines and monologues such as those found in Shakespeare’s plays.

Acting Instructor

Nolan Hennelly

Terrence Ciccolella is honored to be teaching painting, drawing, sculpture and other creative media in his art classes for kids, teens and adults at EMC Studio of Fine Arts. He is a New Jersey State certified art teacher for grades K-12. Terrence’s philosophy for teaching art classes aligns with Kevin Farrell’s quote, “Art can be taught, raw talent can be refined, imagination can be nurtured, and creativity can be guided.”

Art Instructor

Terrence Ciccolella

Griffin DeAngelis loves to teach the art of animation, cartooning and illustration in his art classes for children, teens and adults at EMC Studio of Fine Arts in Dumont, NJ. He is a student at the School of Visual Arts, a professional animator, cartoonist and illustrator and, among other things at EMC Studio, helps kids and teens design characters and creatures.

Art Instructor

Griffin DeAngelis

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