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EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers music lessons, art classes and drama classes for children, teens, and adults in Dumont and Bergen County New Jersey. CALL US NOW!

It's Girl Scout Season!

We can help you get your badges.




Emc's owner and founder, Erin Calev, has always played a large role in her community. Whether working with local churches or being a teacher and mentor to many students, she feels strongly for the well-being of her home town and the new generation of children that have the potential to change the world.

As a former leader for the local girl scouts, she knows the importance of exploration and development in the youth. Due to these principles, Emc studio of fine arts wants to offer our children the opportunity to earn their badges in new and creative ways.

Currently, we are offering badges for Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes. Some of the Badges we are considering are available below.



Brownie Badges

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More information will be availible soon.

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