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EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers music lessons, art classes and drama classes for children, teens, and adults in Dumont and Bergen County New Jersey. CALL US NOW!

Meet Your Instructors

Christine E. Dow is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey with a B.A. in Fine Arts: Theater - and is a certified Teacher of English and Speech and Drama, who has been teaching at Park Ridge Junior/Senior High School for the past eight years. She has taught theater and improv at summer camps in New York and New Jersey since 2003. She ran the Ramapo College Explorers Theater Camp from 2015-2017. Her philosophy of theater for young people is one of connection: the actor’s mind can be like that of the technician or designer; in every comedian, there is some sadness; and we can look to our greatest tragedies to find absurd humor. Our young people are one of our greatest resources. Christine is thrilled to be a part of Erin Calev’s effort to help budding artists expand their minds and explore the expanse of their talents.

Acting/Improv Instructor

Christine Dow

Nolan Hennelly is an Actor and director originally from Dumont New Jersey. Nolan is a recent master’s graduate from F.S.U’S Asolo conservatory for actor training, a three year full ride training and professional development program attached to the Asolo Theater in Sarasota Florida. There Nolan performed and understudied in many shows as both a student and a member of the professional company and in his free time taught an introduction to Theater at the University of Southern Florida. Having extensively studied Dramatic structure and Shakespeare both in the United States and England Nolan is adept at helping students find anything from the deepest meaning in the simplest of songs to the simplest of truths in complicated renaissance speeches.

Acting Instructor

Nolan Hennelly