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EMC Studio of Fine Arts offers music lessons, art classes and drama classes for children, teens, and adults in Dumont and Bergen County New Jersey. CALL US NOW!

“Art, music and drama offer students the ability to express themselves in new ways; it’s a constructive way to release emotions and express ideas. It gives kids the opportunity to be creative and learn things like empathy. We need more of that in this world.”

      Erin studied under Anneliese Von Georken at Adelphi University and was mentored by Marie Niland Fitzgerald of Dumont, NJ. It was through Marie Fitzgerald that Erin was introduced to Richard Hundley, performing for him at a small dinner gathering, and later worked with him for nearly five years. Erin began performing at weddings, and singing funerals at the age of 17 and was picked up at a young age by the Shirley Grant talent agency for commercials and modeling. She has been teaching music for over 20 years. As a professional singer/musician, Erin has been performing throughout the tri-state area for many years and brings much experience into the fine arts realm.


      Erin has been heavily involved in her community by acting as the musical director in local churches and public schools, and also as a softball and cheerleading coach, and a Girl Scout leader. She cares deeply about her community and her students. From all of her experience, she has developed a philosophy about teaching where she doesn't believe in “cookie-cutter" lessons and doesn't dwell on requiring a student to perform for an audience. She values the personal growth and success of each individual student through her therapeutic approach to teaching music, theatre, and art.

Owner and Music Instructor

Erin Calev

Our Founder

     EMC strives to not only teach students musical, artistic, and theatrical skills, but also strives to teach students about themselves. Erin, the owner and founder of EMC, believes in a therapeutic approach to teaching. These lessons are not just about learning to perform, but they are about learning to gain confidence, self-respect, and the ability to express your emotions clearly and honestly. It is a wonderful environment for young students to learn to engage on a personal and emotional level, which is fundamental for interpersonal skills and character development. 

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Our mission is to encourage people to discover more about themselves and build the confidence to be expressive.
We do that by fostering a caring environment and offering a therapeutic approach to the arts.

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